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Why Vehicle Rental Companies Need GPS Tracker in Bangladesh?

A study in 2019 shows that 10% of the passenger vehicles in Bangladesh, use GPS tracking devices. According to the Daily Star, in 2021, more than 370,519 registered vehicles are used for private transportation.

As we get more advanced in technology, more cars are getting GPS tracking to their vehicle. For safety, security, and a better experience.

A tracking device is essential for all sorts of vehicles. A motorbike, private car, truck, pickup, and every means of transportation will need a GPS tracker. In Bangladesh, all business uses vehicles. And no matter whether you have a car for business purposes or for using your own, you will need a vehicle tracking system.

So, we will discuss why your rental business needs a GPS tracker for cars in Bangladesh.

What is a GPS Tracker?

best gps tracker

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a technological solution through which the live location of anything can be traced.

This is a device that is typically attached to the object that you want to track. The device can track cars, bikes, trucks, assets, and even humans. Tracking devices nowadays can be monitored with a mobile or pc from anywhere in the world.

In a tracking device, the location data of the object is sent to the satellite. The satellite sends signals afterward to the mobile or pc. Then we can see the data.

Reasons for Using a Vehicle Tracking System in the Rental Business

One of the most popular rental businesses in Bangladesh is the car rental business. As we are aware, all business has risk. So car rental business in Bangladesh has some risks as well. An organization should use the best vehicle tracking system to avoid these risks and losses. Some of the reasons are explained here.

  • Live Location Tracking

A GPS tracker’s main feature is tracing the vehicle’s live location. The device gets the vehicle’s live location and sends it to the device holder. This allows the owners to know where the car is all the time. 

Knowing the live location of every asset is beneficial for an organization. It helps to manage things properly. Allows keeping track of the assets accordingly. Location tracing helps to monitor all the activity of your vehicles.

  • Improves safety

The number of road accidents occurring in Bangladesh is too many. In 2021 4,198 accidents took 3,918 lives.

So safety is now the growing concern of a rental business. The tracking device can reduce accidents. The organization can monitor where the vehicle is going and what roads they are using. This kind of data can restrict some roads to avoid potential accidents.

  • Increases Security

According to the report of the daily star, 30 to 40 vehicles get stolen every month in Bangladesh. And these numbers are increasing daily.

A tracking device can prevent this. Even after the car is stolen, you will be able to know where your vehicle is. In the rental business, your main asset is the car. You are lending your valuable asset to someone else. So there is a high risk of your vehicle being stolen.

Tracking devices will monitor your car’s location, and thus you will know where your vehicle is.

  • Fuel Efficiency

The cost of fuel now is sky-high. Because of this cost, it is now liquid gold. The modern tracking system will tell you how much fuel effective your car is. Making a fuel-effective vehicle can lead your business to success.

Tracking devices will tell you how much fuel your car consumes, how much it saves daily, and more. With this data, vehicle rental services can adjust their business strategy.

  • Monitor Your Drivers

One of the biggest challenges in the rental business in Bangladesh is managing drivers. Decent drivers are very hard to find here. They are the most critical human capital in a rental company.

A tracking system will allow the organization to keep an eye on the drivers they recruit.

By tracing the driver’s activity,  companies can be more effective in management. The tracking device will store the driver’s data for safety. As a result, crimes or unethical incident occurs less through drivers. Even if any incident occurs, the company can take legal action against any drivers.

  • Reduces Cost

One of the essential goals that every business has is cost reduction. The more cost-effective an organization is, the more they are likely to generate profit. Typically a GPS tracker monitors a few things, such as 

  • Location
  • Fuel consumption
  • Maintenance status
  • Speed track
  • Driver profile

The rental companies can analyze this data to be cost-efficient. 

If an organization is able to reduce its cost of running assets, it can be successful.

  • Improved Customer Services

A report in 2019 showed that 89% of the companies grew financially more than their competitors because of better customer service.

A tracking device in Bangladesh for your rental business will improve the overall impression. The company will look smart and attractive. As a result, customers will be satisfied. A satisfied customer means they will be a regular customer.

  • Better Fleet Management

In the rental businesses in Bangladesh, they usually have multiple vehicles. Managing all of them and keeping track of every detail is a challenging task. 

Having a GPS tracker to manage all the fleets is undoubtedly helpful. With a vehicle tracking device, your organization can keep track of several cars simultaneously. The organization can perform some complex micro-management with the help of the GPS tracker.

  • Boost Profitability

Having lower costs can be a massive advantage in the rental business in Bangladesh. Reducing costs will help any organization to gain more profits. Some of the cost reductions can be effective in the long run as well.

A tracking device helps to reduce this cost in multiple ways. Your fuel will be well-spent. You will be well aware of your maintenance. As a result, you can keep track of your costs and adjust them accordingly.


Best GPS Tracker For cars in Bangladesh

Everyone wants the best GPS tracker in Bangladesh for their rental business. Rental businesses should use Autonemo for the best GPS tracking experiences. 

Here are some reasons-

  • Real-time fuel track
  • Route tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Parking time monitoring
  • Geofence alerts
  • Incident alerts
  • Available on android, IOS, and web-based platforms
  • Offers affordable GPS tracker pricing.

For these facts and features mentioned above, a rental business in Bangladesh should pick Autonemo as their tracking device.

Final Verdict

Bangladesh is getting more advanced in technology day by day. A tracking device for a vehicle is a technological advancement our country is adopting.

The rental businesses should also cope with this technology. To get a technological boost, companies should implement a vehicle tracking system

To get the best GPS tracker in BD contact us.

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