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How Does GPS Tracking System Prevent The Bad Habits of Driving

A GPS tracker can give you the live location status of your vehicle. At the same time, it can give you data to analyze the behavior of drivers. 

Every day on average, 18 people die because of road accidents in Bangladesh. In 2022 543 people were killed in 427 accidents.

Some bad habits of drivers heavily affect the safety of the vehicle and the asset. To run a business properly, it must monitor the bad habits of any driver and omit them if necessary.

In order to monitor and maintain the driver’s behavior, a vehicle tracking system is much handy tool.

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device that tracks the live location of a specific vehicle.

A GPS tracker is also known as a vehicle tracker. It provides the live location of any vehicle, assets, human or animal through satellite. 

The tracking system is attached to a specific vehicle, and the location is shown on a mobile or a computer. The owner can navigate and make any changes with the dedicated software.

The location data is gets stored in the device in the vehicle. After that, the data gets transmitted with the help of the internet to the satellite. From the satellite, the mobile or the PC receives the data. Thus the whole process of a vehicle tracking system ends.

GPS Tracking System Preventing The Bad Habits of Drivers

Here are some notable bad habits that a vehicle tracking system will help the organization eliminate those bad habits –

  • Speeding
  • Idling
  • Use of seat Belt
  • Illegal parking
  • Personal use of vehicle
  • Taking a long way
  • Hard braking
  • Warming up for no reason
  • Reckless driving
  • Stealing oil from the tank


The speed limit in Bangladesh is 25 in the urban areas, 30 in the rural areas, and 80 in the highways. It is often noticed that most drivers ignore the speed limit. 

If the speed limit is not maintained, the risk of accidents increases. The asset might get damaged. The consequences can be more severe sometimes.

A vehicle tracking system can eliminate this issue. The GPS tracker allows the management team to monitor the speed of a specific vehicle. When speeding, a notification will pop up on the tracking device. Thus the management will know about the driver and take the necessary steps.


Idling is putting your car or truck on stand-by with the engine turned on. This bad habit damages the engine, and at the same time, it wastes valuable fuel.

Fuel is the most expensive variable cost for the business. Not being able to manage that properly is a big downside for any business.

If your vehicles are under a GPS tracking system, the organization can avoid this fuel loss easily. The tracking system will tell you how much time a car or truck has spent on a road. How long was the car’s engine on, and was there any traffic? With this data, the monitor can find drivers that have this issue.

gps tracking system

Reckless driving

According to the BUET Accident Research Centre, road accidents increased by 25% from 2021 due to reckless driving.

In Bangladesh, reckless driving is one of the most common bar practices for drivers. Reckless driving is harmful to both the world’s assets and the company’s assets. It can damage the vehicle or the fleet. In worst cases, it will kill the driver, pedestrian, or passenger.

Read More: How To Avoid Reckless Driving With The Vehicle Tracking System In Bangladesh

With a vehicle tracking system, you will get a push notification whenever the device detects reckless driving.

Use of seat Belt

It is estimated that seat belts saved 37,41,96 lives from 1975 to 2017 in the USA.

Every country has a rule of wearing seat belts. Bangladesh is not different. Using seat belts properly is a strong safety precaution. While driving, drivers must remember to wear seat belts. At the same time, he must remind the passengers too. After all, nobody has full control over accidents. This little awareness can save thousands of lives.

If your vehicle has a tracking system installed, you can see how often the seat belt is not on.

gps tracking system remove bad habits of driving

Illegal parking

Some GPS tracker shows the exact location of the legal parking spot. If drivers avoid parking spots willingly, the GPS tracker can notify the owner. 

Illegal parking is a traffic rule violation. It is often seen that drivers tend to park anywhere at their will. This can result in a car crash or a ticket from the police.

Personal use of vehicle

Another bad habit of drivers is using the car for themselves. They take a tour for their self-purpose. The company vehicle should only be used for company purposes. Dedicated company cars reduce expenses and help to manage time properly. 

A tracking system provides some fixed routes. With the help of those fixed routes, you can see which driver is not maintaining the route. Thus finding disobedient drivers will be much easier.

Taking a long way

A basic driving strategy is taking the shortest and fastest route. This will save time, energy, as well as fuel.

If any driver chooses to avoid the long route, GPS tracker will highlight the car.

This indisciplined act of drivers will stack up the losses of any business. This habit should be terminated by the management as soon as possible for the betterment of the company.

Hard braking

Some people tend to hit the brakes even when it’s not necessary. While this may seem like a safe ride, it’s actually quite dangerous. Drivers who brake hard are more likely to be rear-ended. It increases your car insurance premiums and could cause your driver to be injured. At the same time, hard braking wears the brake pads faster, increasing repair and maintenance costs. If you catch this habit early, you can encourage drivers to overcome it.

Most tracking devices have the feature of directing hard brakes. This feature senses the motion and sends a signal to the receiver. Thus it gets easier to identify drivers who brake too hard.

Warming up for no reason

In Bangladesh, we often see that some drivers are revving their engines while stuck in traffic. This practice is extremely harmful to the vehicle engine. It gives the engine a little bit of fuel boost. However, revving the engine is strictly prohibited to maintain the longevity of the vehicle.

Modern combustion engines don’t need warming up. The vehicle is ready to use as soon as the engine starts. So revving the engine or warming the car is absolutely unnecessary.

Stealing oil from the tank

A lot of the drivers in Bangladesh have loyalty issues. The price of fuel is sky-high nowadays. As a result, the drivers get greedy and somehow pull the fuel out to sell it. 

It is an ongoing concern for a lot of car owners in Bangladesh. This is another bad habit of drivers that a vehicle tracking system can help to prevent.

The tracking device will track the fuel of your car or truck. At the same time, it will give you an estimated mileage. This can vary slightly, but it will never be drastically different.

prevent bad habits of drivers with gps tracker

So whenever you see a massive change in the mileage, you can be sure that any disloyal driver is in charge. A tracking device can mark and help you to eliminate the drivers with this bad habit.

Final Verdict

People grow bad habits over time. Managing and maintaining them can be a real challenge. Especially in a rental business or a fleet management system. However, implementing a GPS tracker in your business can make your life much easier.

To know more about GPS tracking systems in Bangladesh to prevent the bad habits of drivers, contact us.


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