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Autonemo Vehicle Branding Campaign 

This article is about the long-term campaign of Autonemo. To increase brand awareness in Bangladesh, we are launching a moving billboards campaign that will last longer. Car owners may receive additional benefits from participating in an Autonemo vehicle branding campaign,
We have a few terms and conditions for using our GPS tracker. We have discussed that as well.

Benefits of using vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh

  • Safety against theft: in 2022, the vehicle theft rate was 268.2 per 1,00,000 population in the USA. This can be reduced with a tracking device.
  • Risk-free fleet management:  in 2021, 36% of GPS tracker users had a positive result of ROI.
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle use: GPS tracker will prevent unauthorized persons from using.
  • Automated real-time alerts: You get automatic alerts from the device.
  • Increased productivity: in the long term, the productivity per vehicle increases.
  • Reduced fuel usage: you can reduce 36% of fuel consumption with a GPS tracker.
  • Get better mileage: With real-time fuel tracking, you will get high mileage.
  • Easier to manage multiple vehicles: All vehicles can be monitored with one software.

What does a car owner or driver get from the vehicle branding campaign?

  • On vehicle branding

Black glass of the vehicle will be covered with Autonemo Branding.

  • Benefits of getting the Autonemo sticker

Customers will get a free tracking device with no monthly charges if the sticker is available on the vehicle.

  • Time of sticker availability

The sticker has to be available for at least 6 months to avail the free device and monthly charge offer.

  • Penalty for taking off the sticker before 6 months

 If any client takes off the sticker before 6 months, the client will have to pay for the device and the subscription fee. The price of the device is 1,500 BDT and 500 BDT for the monthly subscription.

  • Penalty for taking off the sticker after 6 months

If the sticker is taken off after 6 months, clients must pay 500 BDT for the device as a monthly charge. If the client refuses to pay the amount, Autonemo has the right to take away the provided device.

  • Legal Transparency Referral

If you refer a customer who is interested in seeing the sticker advertisement, you will get 500 reward points which you can in cash anytime. You have to call 09606882288 to refer the new customer.

  • Liability

Autonemo Ltd. will not take liability if you get sued by a police sergeant for the sticker. Note that we have been roaming around in Dhaka with several vehicles for around 2 years but never had any issues with the sticker on the back glass.

  • Device ownership

The device ownership will remain with Autonemo Ltd. Until the client pays for the device. Autonemo Ltd will have the right to take back the device anytime if the terms and conditions are violated.

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