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Types of Vehicle Tracking Systems and How They Work

A study in 2019 shows that around 10 percent of cars in Dhaka use a tracking system.

And the amount is increasing. We spend a lot of money maintaining or managing our cars. This can be time-consuming. It may also be cost-ineffective.

This is where a vehicle tracking system comes in place. The system will save time and money.

What Is A Vehicle Tracking System?

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A vehicle tracking system is a method of live tracking any vehicle and monitoring them through mobile or pc. With the tracking system, a person can track their vehicle 24/7. This is possible with the GPS satellite. By tracking your vehicle’s activity, you can manage and monitor your vehicle efficiently.

Types of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking systems are basically two types:

  1. Active tracking system
  2. Passive VETRAC tracking system

1. Active Tracking System

The active tracking system is also known as a real-time tracking system. This allows you to know where your vehicle is in an instant. The active system allows you to know your vehicle’s moment with your computer or mobile. Such tracking is possible with the help of GPS loggers.

The businesses that are involved in the delivery and want to monitor the employees, the active tracking system is suitable for them. It has a geo-fence ability. This ability will help you to get a notification when a vehicle enters a specific location.

The active tracking system is beneficial in recovering stolen goods or preventing theft.

One must insert the tracking device into the vehicle. After that, you will need to subscribe to the service, and you will be set to use the tracking system. In case you are tracking your vehicle with your mobile phone, you will need to install the app.

Based on the functionality, the active tracking system can be divided into 2 categories based on functionality. They are: 

  • Cellular tracking
  • Satellite-based tracking
  • Cellular tracking

The cellular tracking system is less expensive to run. It transmits data fleet position through cellular networks.  You will be able to monitor the data through internet connection and mobile app. The data is not constantly updated. But you will receive the location track within every 1 to 10 minutes. But, this data transfer rate could be improved depending on what subscription package you choose. 

You will need to purchase a subscription to use this type of tracking system.

  • Satellite-based Tracking

Satellite-based tracking has no delay in data transfer. It is a system that is able to deliver pinpoint, accurate and consistent data to the receiving end. It is comparatively expensive. Because of its accuracy, shipping and tracking businesses prefer the satellite-based tracking system. The satellite-based tracking system is able to transfer data from and to anywhere in the globe.

The active tracking system keeps track of the data and creates a report based on the data. As a result, this system can show the report on Google Maps, Bing maps, or Mapbox.

This feature will let businesses to monitor and manage their fleets easily.

  • Real-time data tracking
  • The system is really convenient
  • There are no compatibility issues
  • You can take legal action in case of a stolen vehicle
  • Requires subscription
  • Signal sustainability can be an issue

Who can get benefits from the active tracking system

  • Fleet managers

Fleet managers are one of the most critical groups that require an active tracking system. They send their truck or pickup for a long time, to a long distance. Knowing their location live can undoubtedly help manage and avoid certain risks anytime.

  • Rental Businesses

Rental businesses have to manage a lot of cars at the same time. They need to know where their car is, as they send a third-party driver to drive. Knowing the status of your car and managing them is very crucial in the rental business. That’s why the rental business needs an active tracking system.

  • Asset Transporters

A lot of businesses will transfer your asset on behalf of you. They will take the hassle to manage, load, transport, and unload your asset. Those organizations deal with the valuable assets of other people. They can not take the risk of the asset being stolen or damaged for some unnecessary reasons. So it is almost necessary to have a tracking system in their business.

  • Caregivers

Those who look after elderlies are the caregiver. The elderly can wonder of with their vehicle. They might have trouble returning back. In that case, caregivers will find this tracking system very handy.

  • Drone enthusiasts

Nowadays, a drone is a very unique and common gadget to have. People fly a drone for a lot of reasons now. People can mount the GPS tracker and see the live location of the drone. Thus it becomes convenient

2. Passive Vehicle Tracking System

The passive tracking can also be called offline tracking. This doesn’t provide real-time tracking. You can store the data of a passive tracking in a hard drive for future reference or the development plan in the future. The passive tracking system is used to track mileage and record them as necessary. It is usually used for work purposes or in the corporate organizations. This can also help to reduce the misuse of a vehicle.

Usually, there is a dedicated team to analyze this data from passive tracking and create a report periodically.

Unlike the active tracking system, the passive tracking system requires a one-time payment. And this payment includes hardware, software, and a database. Sometimes customers don’t want to take the hassle of a subscription system, so they choose the passive tracking system. 

It is pervasive to notice that the passive tracking system often doesn’t function in traffic. It has a high risk of getting stolen as well. However, this issue is taking care of with the upgraded model.

  • No monthly subscription
  • Has no issue with the signals
  • Functions simply
  • There is no real-time data
  • Sometimes a hassle
  • Lac of preciseness
  • Has compatibility issues.

Who can get benefits from the passive tracking system

  • Fleet managers

Fleet managers can use the passive tracking system to monitor their drivers’ behavior and take action if necessary.

  • Investigation

Investigation is one of the most critical sectors where the passive tracking system comes in hand is investigation. The investigators can analyze the data and decide on a crime scene.

  • Fitness and outdoor enthusiasts

Joggers and cyclists can take the data and decide to change routes or make improvements.

Final Verdict

Bangladesh is moving very fast in technology. And one of the gifts of the technology is the tracking system. Especially for fleet management or any rental businesses. A tracking system will reduce the risk in your business. At the same time, it will help your business to grow in the long run.

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