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How To Avoid Reckless Driving With The Vehicle Tracking System In Bangladesh

The number of people who died in road accidents are 6,284 in 2021. That number in 2020 was 5,431. This was in the annual report of the Bangladesh Road Safety Foundation (RSF).

One of the major reasons for these accidents is reckless driving. Reckless driving is taking lives every day. But reckless driving can be prevented in many ways. One of the effective ways to prevent reckless driving is by implementing a vehicle tracking system.

What is reckless driving?

Before knowing how to avoid reckless driving, we need to know what reckless driving is.

Reckless driving is a bad practice for drivers. It is the aggressive behavior of not obeying traffic rules and driving dangerously.

Reckless driving is the driver’s negligence on rules, pedestrians, and property. Driving too fast on certain roads is also considered reckless driving.

remove reckless driving

Consequence of reckless driving

Here are some of the major consequences of reckless driving

  • People get killed:

    This is undoubtedly the most dangerous consequence of reckless driving. The death rate due to road accidents is increasing every day. And reckless drivers are vastly responsible for this.
  • Getting speeding tickets:

    by driving recklessly, the traffic police will stop the driver and give you a speeding ticket.
    • Damaging the vehicle:

      You will have less control over our vehicle if you drive recklessly. As a result, there will be a high chance of damaging the vehicle.
    • Property damage:

      damaging the property is another significant consequence of reckless driving. It causes damage to roadside assets.
  • Penalty to the driver:

    Drivers have to be in grave danger for their own actions. They have the chance to lose their licenses. They might harm themselves. Sometimes, the driver dies in an accident.

However, reckless driving can be prevented in several ways. One of the effective ways is to use a fleet management system or GPS.

What is a vehicle tracking system?

A tracking system is a software-based system that tracks the live location of a vehicle. It tracks and records the vehicle’s activity and delivers with the help of software.

The GPS tracking system usually uses satellite signals to transfer the data from the vehicle to the software. A small device is installed in the vehicle, and the owner monitors the condition from a specific location.

How tracking system prevents reckless driving?

You can prevent reckless driving in many ways. The usage of a GPS tracking system is one of the most effective ways. Here are some ways to avoid reckless driving with a vehicle tracking system.

  • Monitoring Speed
  • Two-way Hands-Free Communication
  • Identify Rickless Drivers
  • Evaluate Drivers
  • Avoid Dangerous Roads
  • Engage With Drivers
  • Arrange Training Programs
  • Implement a Fleet Safety Policy
  • Take Actions

Monitoring Speed:

monitor speed

The GPS tracking system will monitor your driver’s speed. As a result, the driver will be aware and will not drive recklessly. 

A notification or message will appear on the software whenever a driver exceeds the speed limit. This will notify immediately about the driver. This information will help to identify speeding drivers. 

If the authorities keep track of it and take action, drivers will be more aware.

Two-way Hands-Free Communication:

Two-way Hands-free communication is another great feature in a fleet management system. It is a one-on-one conversation that allows a driver to communicate directly with another person.

In the hands free communication method, the driver doesn’t need to look at the map or take the eye off the road. As a result, the driver can be focused on driving and not get distracted.

It is a built-in feature in most GPS tracking systems.

Identify Rickless Drivers:

Fleet management systems track and save data on a particular vehicle. So the management authorities can analyze the data. It can provide vital information on driver’s behavior. 

Gathering these data will assist anyone to identify reckless driving. After identifying the drivers, the authorities can take necessary actions against them. This will make them aware of the situation and prevent them from driving recklessly.

Evaluate Drivers:

Sometimes, regular monitoring is not enough. You will need to implement a regular performance evaluation system in order to maintain the driver’s quality. 

By receiving the data on drivers, the authorities can perform a performance evaluation method. This will help to make any decision on specific drivers. 

This evaluation method will improve the driver’s behavior, thus preventing reckless driving.

Avoid Dangerous Roads:

Some of the busiest roads in Dhaka are Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway, Begum Rokeya Sarani, Motijil Road, Gulshan 1 and 2, etc. Avoiding these roads as much as you can lowers the rate of reckless driving.

Any road that is busy or near to highway can be dangerous. Drives are encouraged to drive fast. Or they have to cope with the traffic flow. 

Every state has multiple roads for the same destination. It is wise to avoid this kind of road.

A tracking system will tell the drivers which road is more dangerous. By avoiding these roads, the rate of reckless driving will reduce.

Engage With Drivers:

It is mandatory to engage with drivers. Knowing their behaviors, their capability, knowledge, and so on. 

It is required to be knowledgeable about traffic rules and regulations. If anyone has a lack of knowledge on that, the driver should be trained. 

Authorities should conduct regular training sessions. The divers should not be driving after drinking any sort of alcohol or drugs.

Arrange Training Programs:

Professionals can train newly recruited drivers. Monthly training programs can certainly help drivers. 

Here are some of the training to focus on:

  • Improving overall knowledge of a driver
  • Getting used to a tracking system
  • Training them to make them focused
  • Time management
  • Map knowledge
  • No drunk driving

This training will improve the driver’s overall behavior and knowledge. And thus, the rate of reckless driving will decrease.

Implement a Fleet Safety Policy:

If you are running a fleet management business, nothing is more important to you than your assets. So, to avoid damage to your assets, it is mandatory to avoid reckless driving. 

By implementing a fleet safety policy, reckless driving can be omitted.

  • Certain drivers will be responsible for fleet transportation.
  • Wareing “ fleet safety” badges
  • Driver risk assessments
  • Implementing safety law
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Report incidents

These safety policies will definitely help remove a lot of reckless driving issues.

Take Actions:

Even after taking all the precautionary steps, some drivers might still have reckless driving issues. Taking some strict actions will definitely omit reckless driving permanently. 

Taking action means creating strict rules. You can give drivers warnings, take legal action, fire the driver, etc.

Running MVR on all the drivers can be helpful. MVR stands for Motor Vehicle Record. This can be done easily with almost every GPS tracker.

To Sum Up

In a business, the safety of assets and humans is crucial. Every business must maintain all the safety measures. In order to do that in a rental business, reckless driving must be prevented. 

Along with other necessary steps, a vehicle tracking system will certainly help to reduce reckless driving.

Hope you have found the article informative. If you wish to know more about the vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh, Schedule a meeting or make a call.

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