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Fleet and employee monitoring for Waste and Recycling Industry

Waste management is an all-year-round concern for every community. A municipal agency or a subcontractor, likewise, needs to keep their garbage collection vehicles and workforce operating at utmost capacities. A falling through in this industry means increased road debris, foul smell, health hazards, and unhappy citizens. Autonemo GPS is here to make sure this doesn’t happen!

On-time and on-budget!


See if defined sites get attended from time to time


Zero in fuel and workforce efficiency


Monitor the weight of the collected waste


Dashcams that stream work progress in real-time!



Data to keep you in the loop of collection routes as well as your workforce.


Route Optimization

Access to the choicest routes! Detours around road constructions or fleet breakdowns—we won’t let anything hamper your operations!


Eliminate discrepancies between supervisors and citizens by providing proof for completed tasks.


Monitor progress

Track waste and recycle bins and ensure their regular cleaning using QR codes or RFID.


Task Assignment

Our software solution considers employee work hours, break time, leaves, and availability before scheduling a new task!


Fleet maintenance

Prioritize vehicle maintenance based on wear and tear and servicing dates.

Use Case

Perfecting Waste Collection and Disposal Processes

The Swach Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Initiative) mandates states of India to follow proper waste disposal guidelines. Keep reading to learn how Autonemo GPS helps municipal agencies and garbage collectors adhere to waste collection routes and schedules.