Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Keeping your goods safe should be a cakewalk—only if you have elocks.

Starting Price:

6,500 Tk.

Effortlessly Track Fleet Conditions

No matter where you are

Access ripe telemetry data and monitor your fleet through a single screen. Reduce business inefficiencies, zoom into critical issues, and respond proactively
Our Intelligent Monitoring System

Real-Time Monitoring in Transit

By combining temperature , humidity monitoring and fluctuations in temperature businesses can ensure that their temperature sensitive products are transported under optimal conditions

Comprehensive Record of Temperature Conditions

Autonemo collects driver behaviour data from your fleet and displays it in the form of insightful reports. Always stay ahead of the curve by seeing how well your drivers are treating your vehicles.

Temperature Status

Get an overview of the temperature conditions in a specific location during a particular time period

Temperature Summary

Get information such as the temperature range, average temperature, maximum and minimum temperature and humidity.

Daily Temperature Reports

Helpful for businesses that need to monitor temperature conditions at daily basis, such as in the transportation in the perishable goods

Choose the Perfect Devices to Suit Your Needs

Omnicomm LLS4 Fuel Sensor

Omnicomm LLS4 Fuel Sensor

Omnicomm LLS4 Fuel Sensor

Omnicomm LLS4 Fuel Sensor

Omnicomm LLS4 Fuel Sensor

Omnicomm LLS4 Fuel Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

No GPS company in the world can ensure 100% accuracy of device location in some conditions. These conditions are if vehicle is parked in a garage, underground parking or there are lots of high raised buildings in an area where GPS Signal fluctuates. Device location might not show the exact position. But if while the vehicle is running and location is not showing perfectly you can contact out hotline for a solution

As our service is dependent on the mobile operators sometimes you might find device offline for sometime which is totally out of our control. But if the device is offline for over 6-12 hour then you should contact our support only. There are lots of pockets and due to GPRS network capacity device might show offine. 10-60 mins offline is not an issue from our end, requesting not to panic and wait for some time to recover.


This is also a limitation of GPS Tracking solution. In some cases when vehicle is parked and GPS signal is weak vehicle might show moving even while parked as GPS signal fluctuates like GSM network. In this case you have to check ignition status to verify vehicle status.


We cannot ensure 100% accurate mileage reports as lots of factors are related to mileage. Mileage reports might vary up to (+-)5-15% in some cases. This is also a technical limitation for this industry.

Real time push alerts is a paid service and in some cases we cannot ensure real time push alerts due to server capacity or congestion and other factors which might lead to delay push alerts or in some cases no push alerts. We will always try to ensure this service but can’t guarantee always.

In some cases some alert events might be missed due to server capacity and congestion in our server. Most of them might be with ignition on off alerts as its the most triggered alerts in our system.


In some cases we get complaints that vehicle is not starting and blame GPS device for this. But actually there are some other vehicle related issues where your vehicle might not start. Please check the below to confirm the issue :

1. Fuse box and check whether any fuse has been disabled
2. Check battery status, your battery might be drained
3. Check electric wires connected with ignition or fuel pump

There are many questions about Autonemo GPS. The most popular of them (yes popular, because this is the maximum number of times we have to answer) is the question, what is the service charge?

Before that we need to know why the service charge?

This service has many components. There is a little need to go in and see if there is any idea

  1. Server costs
  2. Map costs (Google Map is not free)
  3. Limited cost
  4. Software development and maintenance costs
  5. Future service costs of new extensions
  6. Installation and repair costs (home / office installation or service point arrangement)
  7. Company overhead (without which we will not be able to access your service)

Only by looking at these costs will you realize that these costs are reasonable for this service. Point 6 or repair costs are the highest cost for a customer’s vehicle problem. For a new car it takes about once every 4 to 6 months, but the old car usually takes about 6 months, and the cost of repairing it on an average is around Tk 2000.

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