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Fleet Management Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

Businesses in this vertical deal with low-shelf life products. Hence, profits rely on brisk and efficient last-mile deliveries. Our solutions enable lower driving times and a dramatic reduction in fuel and repairs.

Traceability throughout the supply chain


Agility in product conveyance and just-in-time deliveries


Dispatching drivers that are closest to the delivery destination


Never incur another loss from product spoilage


Check on personnel idling



Route Optimization

Move goods at the speed of light! Routes designed after considering vehicle capacities, personnel availability, traffic, and consumer demands.


Temperature Monitoring

Transfer goods at preferable temperatures and increase their sustainability.


Safe driving

Curb unsafe driving habits through alerts for harsh acceleration, braking, or idling.


Consumer Satisfaction

PODs and streamlined first-call resolutions promote customer retention.


Proactive maintenance

Prevents vehicles from breaking down unexpectedly.



E-locks, QR codes, and biometric acknowledgment ensure all the way safety. Receive alerts for tampering or unauthorized stoppages.

Use Case

Helping Milk Distributing and Processing Businesses

Have you wondered who makes it possible for you to enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee/tea every morning? Who is responsible for that energy boost without which starting your day would be a complete nightmare? Let us walk you through.

Tracking and monitoring commercial fishing vessels

Bodies of water envelope nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface. Meaning tracking commercial fishing vessels, in deep seas, require geospatial insights of areas measuring thousands of miles—and Autonemo GPS is up for the task!

Optimizing food and beverage deliveries

The trend of ordering food online is on the rise. This has made food deliveries a crucial aspect of the food industry.

Delivery Fleet management

Deliver goods quickly, safely, and reliably using Autonemo GPS vehicle tracking and management solutions.