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Tracking for Construction and Speciality Trades

Robust sectors, like construction, need reliable and high-yielding solutions. We transform this vertical by tracking pickup trucks and the workforce over multiple job sites. With us, you’ll see your equipment crew hustle from dawn to dusk!

On-time and on-budget!


Real-time tracking of the yellow iron


Automated PTO and engine hour measurement


Avoid incurring expenses due to efficient operations


Automate task management



Monitor Workforce

Track personal progress across multiple construction sites using advanced video telematics.


Create Geofences

Enhance workforce safety by setting up geofences around hazardous zones. Receive push notifications so you can send help immediately.


Maintenance and Utility

Efficient and timely serviced machinery can sky-rocket job site productivity. Streamline operations by identifying overused equipment and fixing them.

Expense Management

Comprehensive analysis of equipment ownership and maintenance costs. Find cost-saving alternatives using our detailed reports!


Fuel Management

Track fuel usage and monitor equipment or fleet idling patterns.


Fleet Management

Locate construction fleets and see them move in real-time—precise to the last minute.

Use Case

LBS solutions for businesses dealing with inaccessible worksites

Businesses like construction and mining function in remote, connectivity deficit areas. Lack of accurate tracking becomes a cause of several concerns, like the safety of equipment, workforce productivity monitoring, or theft of goods in transit.

Get insights into PTO usage and equipment work hour calculations

Verticals like construction, coal and mining, or agriculture make use of equipment appended to their vehicles.

Delivery Fleet management

Deliver goods quickly, safely, and reliably using Autonemo GPS’s vehicle tracking and management solutions.