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Fleet and equipment tracking for Hire and Rental Industry

State-of-the-art software solutions show how customers are using rental vehicles or equipment. Live-tracking solutions you can count on to protect your mobile investments!

Keep your eyes on your investments


Track rented vehicle's trips and predicting their ETAs


Manage multiple assets on a single platform


Optimize payment processes


Alerts for asset misuse or idling



Proactive Maintenance

Your contractors may neglect maintenance warnings to keep their projects running. Don’t let their decisions cost you— monitor asset maintenance yourself!

Accurate Billing

Automate invoice generation! Keep track of rental agreement violations and apply additional charges accordingly.


Intelligent Analytics

Get accurate statistics on fuel usage, vehicle mileage, and equipment work hours.


Live Alerts

Notifications for vehicle collisions or equipment damage. Take corrective measures and protect your investment.


Real-time Visibility

See if your remote assets are safe and working effectively.


Manage Expenses

Comprehensive cost breakdowns help to identify liabilities.

Use Case

Optimizing the use of Electronic Vehicles (EVs)

In the wake of climate change, EVs reduce human reliability on fossil fuels. When compared to gas-powered cars, EVs emit zero localized emissions—meaning no more discharge from car exhaust pipes

Simplifying IFTA for commercial vehicles and motor carriers

Businesses that employ commercial vehicles in North America and Canada are mandated to report fuel usage when operating in more than one jurisdiction.

Enhancing Rental Fleet Management

Stand out from the competition with Uffizio’s rental fleet management solution—Trakride! Optimize payment processes, monitor fuel consumption, and manage maintenance routines with us.

Monitoring driver behaviors for safe and economical driving

For lesser road accidents and improvement in road safety—driver training and monitoring are extremely crucial.