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Fleet management for the Passenger Transportation Industry

Inaccurate arrivals/departures, unexpected breakdowns, and reckless driving have troubled the transport industry for too long. At Autonemo GPS, we are shaking our heads and saying, “Not anymore!” Get that competitive edge with our solutions!

On-time and on-budget!


Respond proactively to changing traffic patterns.


Automated vehicle checklist and timely reminders


Detailed reports on key vehicle parameters


Streamline pickup/drop services


Real-time ETAs

Never make your passengers wait. Configurable alerts and real-time updates to encourage customer complacency.


Live Alerts

Prioritize passenger and driver safety using video telematics and SOS modules.


Route Optimization

Routing schedules shouldn’t affect your business! Intentional routes to keep you on time and budget!


Fuel efficiency

Cost-effective routes and fuel theft notifications bring down fuel expenditures.


Fleet maintenance

Don’t lose business because of unplanned downtimes of your fleet! Keep up-to-date with your servicing and maintenance schedules.


Ideal Driving Behaviors

Know if your drivers are tailgating, violating stop-signs or red-lights, cornering, and overspeeding. With true data, discipline drivers and promotes economical driving.

Use Case

Making Railways safer for gang men and key men

The North Western Railway (NWR) has upwards of 5000 gang men and patrolmen on their pay-roll. They collectively patrol 40,000 kilometers round-the-clock, even in adverse climates.

Optimizing the use of Electronic Vehicles (EVs)

In the wake of climate change, EVs reduce human reliability on fossil fuels. When compared to gas-powered cars, EVs emit zero localized emissions—meaning no more discharge from car exhaust pipes

Autonemo GPS makes student transport easy and safe!

Mornings can be a hectic time, especially for parents who have school-age children. Autonemo GPS’s offers intelligent data and analytics to parents, bus managers, and drivers alike, so every kid makes school in good time and reaches back home safely.

Employee Pickup and Drop Management

Planning pickup and drop routes for your employees every day is a time-consuming process. So, sit back and relax while our software takes over!

Enhancing Rental Fleet Management

Stand out from the competition with Uffizio’s rental fleet management solution—Trakride! Optimize payment processes, monitor fuel consumption, and manage maintenance routines with us.

Monitoring driver behaviors for safe and economical driving

For lesser road accidents and improvement in road safety—driver training and monitoring are extremely crucial.