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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals fleet management

Increase efficiency of on-call physicians, healthcare workers, and medical representatives. Using third-party API integration, we help this sector organize everyday tasks, maintain the condition of medical equipment, and digitize patient records.

Better Healthcare within reach


Practice patient-centric care regimes


Maximize productivity and provide care to more patients


Delivering medicinal drugs at ideal temperatures


Automate task assignment and create smart to-do lists



Lucrative Reports

Get intelligent insights into fleet metrics and workforce productivity.



Reduce, or even eliminate, the need for repairs by keeping up with maintenance schedules.


Temperature Monitoring System

Specially designed for this industry’s meticulous needs. Store drugs/ medicine at precise temperatures. Get live-notifications for temperature changes.



Tracking expensive health equipment to prevent its theft and misuse.


Streamline Patient Records

Digitize patients prognosis records and expedite patients treatment courses.


CRM/ERP integration

Integrate our solutions to an existing CRM/ERP. Upload client base and calculate payroll or reimbursements.

Use Case

Enabling faster and reliable ambulance services

For the healthcare industry, providing timely treatment is always a priority. Since there is no time to lose, it is crucial to bring down response times and get ambulances to emergency sites instantly.

Tracking and monitoring health care equipment

Better health care begins with better resources. Therefore, supervision of health care equipment like ECG/EKG machines, defibrillators, or x-ray machines is vital

Pharmaceutical fleet management

Pharma fleets have unique requirements, that’s why Autonemo GPS has specially designed solutions to optimize drug and medicine deliveries.

Managing mobile medical units

To provide better healthcare to the rural and underserved areas of India, the Government of India has sanctioned the deployment of mobile medical units (MMUs).

Transport services for pregnant women

In the interest of public health and welfare, the government of India warrants transportation services to pregnant women.