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Carrier tracking for the Energy Industry

Ascertain safety of high-value resources like coal, crude petroleum, oil, minerals, and natural gas during haulage. Keep track of fleet or equipment even when it is beyond coverage areas! Check on idling patterns and equipment dissipation.

On-time and on-budget!


Establish stable distribution channels


Legally compliant deliveries of HAZMATs


360° smart dashcams record every minute of driving time


Receive only those alerts that matter the most



Asset Protection

Tracking your priced assets like it’s ours! Solutions that detect and generate alerts for route deviation, un-authorized stops, and consignment tampering.


Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations for better ROIs. Stay on extraction schedules and eliminate unnecessary equipment rental charges.


Lone Worker Safety

Get live alerts for site accidents and put employees out of harm’s way. Drivers can access the nearest police station and hospitals.


Equipment Maintenance

Access actionable maintenance data and save a fortune on equipment repairs. Increase equipment uptime through strict maintenance regimes.


3rd Party Software Integration

An open platform for easy data integration and get intelligent insights.


Fuel management

The right telematics solution can cut down fuel costs almost instantly. Will real-time visibility, you can reduce driving hours and limit fleet idling.

Use Case

See how Autonemo GPS’s solutions optimize mining operations

Personnel safety on mining sites, both above and underground, has long been a concern. Exercising safe mining practices means doing more than avoiding operational errors. Mining businesses need proactive strategies to confront possible on-site accidents while safeguarding assets.

LBS solutions for businesses dealing with inaccessible worksites

Businesses like construction and mining function in remote, connectivity deficit areas. Lack of accurate tracking becomes a cause of several concerns, like the safety of equipment, workforce productivity monitoring, or theft of goods in transit.

Get insights into PTO usage and equipment work hour calculations

Verticals like construction, coal and mining, or agriculture make use of equipment appended to their vehicles.

Monitoring driver behaviors for safe and economical driving

For lesser road accidents and improvement in road safety—driver training and monitoring are extremely crucial.

Delivery Fleet management

Deliver goods quickly, safely, and reliably using Autonemo GPS’s vehicle tracking and management solutions.

Trustworthy solutions for oil and gas businesses

Optimize your oil and gas operations with improved asset utilization and thorough fleet management.