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Fleet Tracking for Emergency and Security Services

The first responders like police, ambulances, or fire-brigade wagons should be on the move—always! We’ve got the complete suite of telematics solutions to decrease their response times.

On-time and on-budget!


ETAs accurate to the minute


Beeline routes expedite response times


Access to actionable data


Reducing transportation costs


Nearest Driver Dispatch

Dispatching responders closest to the crisis to reduce transit times.


Minimal Driving Times

Calculate the nearest and most efficient routes using our route optimization module.


Fleet Maintenance

Resolve fleet issues before they become irreparable or hinder workflow.


Fuel Management

Optimized routes reduce driving times and bring down fuel expenses.

Resource Utilization

All hands on deck! Upping resource utility means more people get ASAP assistance!


Digital Reporting

We take care of tedious documenting, so our first responders can focus entirely on helping people.

Use Case

Enabling faster and reliable ambulance services

For the healthcare industry, providing timely treatment is always a priority. Since there is no time to lose, it is crucial to bring down response times and get ambulances to emergency sites instantly.

Monitoring Police Control Vehicle’s Routes

Police patrollers are not only expected to patrol round the clock but also keep tabs on street crimes. Hence, knowing the patrol vehicle’s status in real-time is essential.

Tracking and managing water tankers

The government mandates the supply of drinking water to rural areas that are experiencing shortages. Due to a lack of infrastructure, freshwater cannot be piped to these villages.

Transport services for pregnant women

In the interest of public health and welfare, the government of India warrants transportation services to pregnant women.