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Tracking Agricultural Implements and Personnel

We help agribusinesses by tracing productivity and streamlining processes. Get precise telematics insights into tedious field works and expedite tasks like plowing, sowing, or irrigating. Also, you will get clear data about your equipment’s health and status.

Higher yields, fewer expenses


Tracking product conveyance


Increased personnel productivity


Staying on top of equipment maintenance schedules


Automated quantification of cultivated fields and wages




Move goods at the speed of light! Routes designed after considering vehicle capacities, personnel availability, traffic, and consumer demands.



Getting the most out of resources.


Equipment Monitoring

Stay on top of maintenance and reduce equipment wear and tear. Know if your equipment is ready to use or not at the tip of your finger!



Calculate the area and perimeter of cultivated fields. Put a figure on equipment/engine work hours and labor wages. Limit idling and indolent behaviors.


Video Telematics

See your workforce live and in-action.


Import or create geo-fences, set limits for tractors, seed drillers, or workers. Monitor plowed or harvested fields and get alerts upon infringement.

Use Case

Helping Milk Distributing and Processing Businesses

Have you wondered who makes it possible for you to enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee/tea every morning? Who is responsible for that energy boost without which starting your day would be a complete nightmare? Let us walk you through.

Practice precision farming with Autonemo GPS’s Agri-area!

The Agri-Area is a GPS modeled tool that lets users determine area, perimeter, and other measurements of any region. It finds its application primarily in agriculture and businesses that deal with area-based payments.

Tracking and monitoring commercial fishing vessels

Bodies of water envelope nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface. Meaning tracking commercial fishing vessels, in deep seas, require geospatial insights of areas measuring thousands of miles—and Autonemo GPS is up for the task!

Get insights into PTO usage and equipment work hour calculations

Verticals like construction, coal and mining, or agriculture make use of equipment appended to their vehicles.

Tracking commercial and valuable trees

Illegal chopping and consequent theft of expensive trees like teak, sandalwood, agar, or ebony have been an age-old concern for farmers and tree cultivators.